Zakrzywiony szklany Bubbler XL - FENIX Mini

Zakrzywiony szklany Bubbler XL - FENIX Mini
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Welcome to Dr. Joint's world of electronics!


At a time when vaporizers are already in everyday use, we provide our customers with access to high-quality electronic devices. You also do not have to worry about the technology we offer - we make sure that the manufacturers of the devices meet the highest technical standards and have the most important current certificates. We carefully select the brands of electronic devices that are included in our offer, so we are sure that you will appreciate the quality of the products that we have prepared especially for customers who demand the best quality.



Curved glass Bubbler XL


High quality glass bubbler mounted directly in the dryer chamber. Fits Fenix Mini Vaporizer or FURY 2 Vaporizer. It is an ideal solution if you want to filter the vapour through water, but in a more discreet and mobile way than using a water pipe. The bubbler ends with a space for your herbs, which are heated in a glass chamber - slightly smaller than a standard chamber. Approximately 0.1g of dry hemp can be used for inhalation. In addition to the greater economy of plant material, this solution provides a much better taste of the vapor.


Thanks to the dual cooling system - by water, and by air, the curved bubbler XL provides a unique taste experience. The Fenix Mini vaporizer itself provides already purified and flavorful vapor without the harmful effect of combustion, and this accessory further enhances these properties providing a previously unknown inhalation comfort. To add the right amount of water to the bubbler, pour it about 2-3 cm high and make sure it doesn't flow into your mouth before inhaling. After adding the water, to enjoy the cold smoke from your vaporizer, simply add the dry to the bubbler and insert the device into the Fenix/Fury 2 heating chamber.






We invite you to familiarize yourself with other products from our offer - these include CBD and CBG oils produced in our own laboratory, ready-made pre-rolls, more than 25 varieties of CBD and CBG flowers and hemp accessories such as vaporizers PhenoPen, FENiX, RAW products, Clipper lighters, and many others ...

Should you have any questions, we remain at your disposal


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