HoneyStick ELF VV Twist Mini Vape Mod

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Welcome to Dr. Joint's world of electronics!

At a time when vaporizers are already in everyday use, we provide our customers with access to high-quality electronic devices. You also do not have to worry about the technology we offer - we make sure that the manufacturers of the devices meet the highest technical standards and have the most important current certificates. We carefully select the brands of electronic devices that are included in our offer, so we are sure that you will appreciate the quality of the products that we have prepared especially for customers who demand the best quality.




Honey Stick™ is a brand that combines cutting-edge technology, high performance, reliability and affordability. From the first device to hit the market - until today, the Honey Stick™ team has worked with an extensive network of growers, extractors and industry representatives - to meet the needs of both patients and recreational users. Each of our products has been developed to provide an unparalleled vaporization experience of dried, concentrated, and essential oils.

We are the exclusive distributor of Honey Stick™ products in Poland and we assure you that their quality will show you the difference between them and the competition. The Honey Stick™ is the quarantee - design team that uses top quality components to perfectly emphasize taste and intensity with every use.

Honey Stick™ products are multiple award winners at the High Times Cannabis Cup, the now legendary festival held annually in Amsterdam. Contact us for a discussion and equipment demonstration so you can experience the quality in person and understand that Honey Stick™ is not just a brand, but a lifestyle.





Honey Stick™ ELF Twist VV Mini Vape Mod




The functionality of the Mini Vape Mod now allows you to select the proposed voltage (intensity setting) via a knob at the bottom of the device. The Mini Vape Mod is equipped with a magnetic equalizer, just like the original lf, and actually has cartridge detection technology that signals by flashing an LED when a good cartridge is inserted into the chamber . This small but powerful device is activated only by inhalation. Take your vaporization experience to the next level with this small cannabis extract vaporizer. Improved airflow sensors allow for smoother inhalations and more plentiful smoke. The Mini Vape battery is adjustable from 2.5V to 4.0V.  If you loved the original Elf or are simply looking for the best automatic CBD extract vaporizer with style and power - look no further and try the Elf Twist!


Device characteristics:

  •     Automatic activation of the device with an inhale without the use of a button
  •     Works with 510 threaded cartridges
  •     Improved sensors for smooth pulls and big bursts
  •     Variable voltage adjustable by rotary knob 2.5V - 4.0V
  •     Available in 3 elegant colors: shale, silver, gold


Package Content:

  •     1 x Magnetic Mini Vape Mod with 350 mAh battery
  •     1 x 510-thread high-efficiency empty Vape cartridge
  •     1 x Micro USB charging cable
  •     1 x User Manual


If you want to take your vaporization experience to the next level, look no further!



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