Bio Canna Pharma Hemp oil 5% CBD 10 ml Full Spectrum

Bio Canna Pharma Hemp oil 5% CBD 10 ml Full Spectrum
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Bio Canna Pharma Hemp oil 10 ml

Full Spectrum CBD 5% 


Producer: Bio Canna Pharma

Name: Hemp oil CBD 5% Full Spectrum

Capacity: 10ml (approx. 200 drops - one drop contains approx. 2,5 mg CBD)

Content: Hemp oil- 500 mg CBD, THC < 0,2%.

Extraction method: alcohol


Fiber hemp oil with certified natural cannabinoid content obtained from high quality Cannabis Sativa L.

Our oils have full spectrum of natural cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, THCa + THCv + THC and numerous phenols, flavonoids, tarpenes, and omega acids. These do not contain any artificial substances, and each batch is thoroughly scrutinized by laboratories. The results are always available to our customers on request. Due to proper proportions of natural compounds, which have a nutritional effect on human body, the effect of CBG oils is appreciated by patients around the world. Scientific researches are getting more interesting each day.

We work closely with two laboratories, equipped with the advanced technology, providing the highest standards, which is confirmed by international GMP and HACCP certificates. Thanks to the cooperation with two scientific laboratories, our oils are obtained by both, alcohol and hydrocarbon extraction methods, giving the possibility of choosing the one that is the most suitable for the patients. We always emphasize that we do not add any artificial cannabinoids to our products, nor do we use harmful solvents.

We also invite those, who are interested in producing their own line of CBD or CBG oils to contact us.

 Why alcohol extraction?

The answer is simple - CBD oil extracted this way is more easily absorbed, and its effects are faster and more effective. In this extraction process, there is the least loss of valuable substances for the body, because alcohol is the only solvent that is able to dissolve a wider range of molecules (both those chemical compounds in the plant that are water-soluble and those that are fat-soluble) and thus, maintain the original chemical relations contained in hemp. One last important point - esters are formed during alcoholic extraction. As the carboxylic acid ester becomes esterified, they become more water soluble and take on their more rapidly absorbed, bioavailable form.



Properties of CBD Full Spectrum oils

Numerous medical studies have proven that CBG has a positive effect on reducing ailments such as:

  • Epithelial cancerCBD has been found to have effective cytotoxic properties that work against epithelial cancer in humans, as well as the second most effective phytocannabinoid after CBD in the fight against breast cancer.

  • Anxiety - CBD is thought to have anti-anxiety properties, as it is stated in many medical studies.

  • Ache - numerous studies show that CBD can be used as a painkiller for people with e.g. multiple sclerosis.

  • Seizures - the best documented benefit of CBD. A medicine based on this substance is used to treat drug-resistant epilepsy.


In addition to these ailments, research suggests that CBG can also treat:

  • Acne - CBD regulates excessive sebum production, which increases significantly skin condition.

  • Addiction- some of the researches state that CBD can be used to treat addictions such as nicotine.

  • Cardiovascular disease- some studies suggest that cannabidiol prevents heart disease.

  • Depression - there exist evidences that CBD may be able to reduce depression due to the effects of this cannabidiol on levels of serotonin, a mood-elevating substance

  • Sleep disorders - studies confirm that CBD may have an effect on reducing insomnia associated with anxiety.

Analyses of scientists confirm that CBD may also work on such diseases as epilepsy, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis.



We invite you to familiarize yourself with other products from our offer - these include CBD and CBG oils produced in our own laboratory, prepared pre-rolls, more than 25 varieties of CBD and CBG flowers and hemp accessories such as vaporizers PhenoPen, FENiX, RAW products, Clipper lighters, and many others ...


Should you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.


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